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Top 10 Final Fantasy Games by Endless-Fantasy-182
Top 10 Final Fantasy Games
A few years ago, I made a top ten video games list using this meme. And since then, some of my favorite games have changed, so I wanted to remake it.
But you's kinda hard for me to make a top ten games list...Because, (Unfortunately) I don't play a lot of my top ten list is basically just Square Enix and Zelda games...among a few others, but you get the idea.(In the future, I do wanna play more games tough)
SOOO, Because I love Final Fantasy so much and it's obvious, I have made a list of my favorite titles.

This is personal preference only, so please don't get mad at me if your favorite title isn't in here...And don't judge my tastes! 

1- Final Fantasy 8
2- Final Fantasy 10
3- Final Fantasy 9
4- Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy
5- Final Fantasy 4
6- Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7
7- Final Fantasy 7 (7 for number 7 WOOT)
8- Final Fantasy 13-2
9- Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13
10- Final Fantasy 10-2

For the #10 spot, I was stuck between 10-2 and 13. But in the end, I chose 10-2 because it is generally more fun to play. While I loved the story and characters in 13, it was a little lacking in the gameplay department.
And before anyone asks, yes, I do like 5 and 6, I just haven't played them yet. I've only seen walkthroughs of them. That was a couple years ago too, so my memories of both games are pretty vague.
I do own the PS1 version of both games so I plan on playing them in the future.

I will try to make a list of my favorite games in general sometime in the future
Forest Layout by Endless-Fantasy-182
Forest Layout
School project I've been working on for the past few weeks.
I've been working on improving with lighting and composition

I might still make some adjustments to it, but for now I like it right now.
Midnight Docks by Endless-Fantasy-182
Midnight Docks
Lame title is lame

So this is based on a dream I had about a year ago. Back when I was all hyped up for Lightning Returns. I dreamed that I was Serah. know, it happens sometimes lol. Once you cosplay as a character, you forever have a connection with them. Hence why I'm Serah in my dreams sometimes. So, it was in the middle of the night, and I was sneaking through Luxerion with Vanille and Hope, and I think we were looking for Lightning.
Well, I think we were in Luxerion, we were on the roof of a cathedral at one point. So anyway, we reached a dock with sailboats, as in the drawing.

We had to go underwater to get to a cave. So we got in the water and swam to the cave, and I could breathe underwater because dream logic. Once we got in the cave, we went through a maze and eventually encountered Noel. I tried to get his attention but he couldn't see me, because I was dead. I was dead yet I'm completely okay and everyone else except Noel could see me, because dream logic. I'm an unsent wut. I saw Noel walking away with Yeul, and I was upset. As we continued through the maze, Vanille was trying to cheer me up. The Snow appeared and hugged me while crying, saying he was sorry for not being able to save me from..well, death.

That's pretty much all that I remember from the dream. It was weird, but interesting. I always like having dreams where I'm in a fictional world.
The image of being at the docks really stayed in my head, so I wanted to draw it.

I started drawing this a few months ago, but didn't have time or motivation to finish it until two days ago. I saw the trailer for the new Dissidia game and reaaalllyyy wanted to draw some FF fan art. So instead of starting a new drawing, I finished this one. Though this drawing has nothing to do with Dissidia... But now that I think about it, I would really like to have Serah in Dissidia 8D Please Square?

Final Fantasy 13 (c) Square Enix
Art (c) Endless-Fantasy-182
Time To Say Goodbye by Endless-Fantasy-182
Time To Say Goodbye
I'm sure some of you heard that Monty Oum passed away.

I had heard over the weekend that he was in the hospital, hoping everything would be alright. But yesterday, while I was at school. I casually pull out my phone and go on Facebook. The first thing on my news feed was "Monty Oum dies at 33"
All I wanted to do was cry..but I couldn't in front of my classmates, so I went home.

I was introduced to him through his Dead Fantasy videos back when I was in high school. I was in love with his work. I thought he was so cool, and how he got a job as a professional animator from doing fan-made videos, I was so amazed by that. He inspired me as an artist, and he was one of the reasons why I wanted to go studying in 3D animation. When I heard he was working on RWBY, his own series, I was so happy for him. I fell in love with the series as soon as I saw the Red Trailer, and I've been a fan ever since. So, I was a pretty big fan of Monty, and the fact that he's gone just breaks my heart.

I wish I could draw something beautiful to honor him but..well I don't have amazing skills... But I still felt I had to make something. When I have more time, I'll try to make something better. Probably a group picture, with Team RWBY and JNPR. I've also been considering cosplaying as Blake for a while now, and now I'm definitely gonna make it happen as soon as I can. I have to.

Rest in Peace, Monty. You've been a big inspiration, and you will be missed.

RWBY (c) Monty Oum/Rooster Teeth
Art (c) Endless-Fantasy-182
Natsumi Pose Concept by Endless-Fantasy-182
Natsumi Pose Concept
I don't really know how to call this drawing lol.

This is a concept drawing of a 3D model I'm gonna be making in the next few months.

(c) Endless-Fantasy-182

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